To match or not to match, that is the question. Or is it?

Does it really matter if a man chooses to match his belt to his shoes? Is anyone really going to notice one-way or the other? What about his socks or the tie he wears?

You’re not what you wear necessarily, but what you wear and how you wear it speaks volumes. Your clothes tell your story and a belt, shoes, socks and tie aren’t your wardrobe’s second-class citizens. They are outerwear’s distinctive flair, distinguishing between mood and activities.

If you’re dressing the same for the boardroom as you do for the backroom where you play pool or if your favorite suit is tired, worn from the sheer number of events and venues it’s graced, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate accessories.

Matching belt to shoes is a time ordered tradition. In fact, certain events require it; for instance, bringing a presentation before the CEO and partners, or auditioning for a new, prestigious job. Put your best foot forward in a shoe that goes with your belt and then match socks and tie accordingly.

Do you master the science of belt, shoes, socks and tie? It’s easy. There are just a few simple rules.

  •  – Always wear a leather belt that matches the color of your well-polished shoes.
  •  – Minimal is best- No giant belt buckles that draw attention away from your monochromatic, professional looking style.
  •  – Your socks don’t have to match your pants exactly, but the shades must be very similar. The color differentiation should be so subtle between the pants and socks, that the space between your ankle and pant hem is virtually unnoticed. Seamless.
  •  – Wearing black shoes? Okay, wear black or match to shades like blue and grey.
  •  – Wearing brown shoes? Still okay. (That is if your belt is brown of course) Wear beige shades. This can be a little trickier, so if you’re not good with colors, stick with the tried and true, black and grey.
  •  – Leather shoes are a requirement when dressing for the corporate look. Only leather. No tennis shoes, obviously. Wear professional, classic dress shoes: Oxford, Brogues or Derby for instance.

So, you see that matching accessories is a science that can be mastered.

However, is there a place for individualism? Individuality can also be impressive.

Individuality plays a role in mastering the science of belt, shoes, socks and ties, since it’s possible to become too matchy-matchy. Matching your clothes too closely can be a distraction, indicating that you simply follow the status quo. It’s great to be a team player, but critical thinking is often a trait of a creative mind and what boss doesn’t want someone on his team who thinks outside the box?

Creative minds are creative dressers. Shoes match belts, but aren’t too matchy-matchy. However, there are definite rules. White socks under long pants are out; a rule that should never be bent or broken.

Never, and I mean never, wear white socks with any outfit that’s not associated with a physical activity, a trip to the gym, playing tennis, etc.

We can help you to master the science of matching, and mismatching as the case may be. We will assist you in blending individuality with the time honored tradition of matching belts to shoes, ties to suits and socks to pants.

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