Take a nice deep breath. Doesn’t it feel great? Breathing is natural to us, but it’s also crucial to your natural fiber wardrobe. Natural fibers need to breathe and allowing your wardrobe to do so will result in a much longer life expectancy for your clothing.

The clothes you love are taken out of the closet and worn most often. You might wear the same high-quality shirts day in and day out because you love their look and feel. This is a good thing for you, but for the shirts? Not so much. Wearing them too often eliminates the chance for them to breathe. Rotation is key to your clothes breathing, as is cleaning them according to manufacturers’ instructions and storing them properly. Certain clothes are to be hung rather than folded and stored away in a drawer, and failing to remove fine clothes from plastic dry cleaning bags will suffocate fibers.

Clothes that aren’t given the opportunity to breathe wear out more quickly, meaning the high-quality feel and look you love will disappear, leaving you with a closet full of clothes that are less satisfying.

Favored shoes that are worn too often are damaged for the simple lack of rotation. Rotate your shoes and allow them to rest so that moisture from constant wear will evaporate. You’ll save more money in the long run, if you have several pairs of quality shoes at your disposal. Variety is the spice of life, but it also results in a frugal way to provide flexibility to your wardrobe.

Exceptional clothes are for exceptional people. Exceptional people deserve extraordinary service. We provide a painless shopping experience that is so natural that you’ll barely notice the quality of service you receive until after your exceptional experience. Join us at Mr. Derk’s and let us find the perfect apparel for you or book online now for a private appointment.

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