Mr. Derk is that polished gentleman reading the newspaper at a coffee shop, the well-travelled man who sports a three-piece suit because ‘he feels like it’, and that young man with a daring pocket square you can’t quite figure out how he folded. He is a man of many professions: the man who builds you your home, the man who saves your life and helped you mortgage your first home. He is a man that never sleeps, and continuously strives for excellence.

Mr. Derk has style and confidence, but it is not only seen in his clothes – it is his way of life; he makes it look easy. The Mr. Derk man is an individual who is interested in the finer things in life, the small details and products made with history, thought and quality. He understands comfort, and exudes elegance. He is man for all occasions, from the office to the weekend, tux to T- Shirt, Mr. Derk is always aces.

Mr. Derk is the man who drives our store to continue to bring the best in the textile and apparel industry to the World and online. We at Mr. Derk strive to supply fashion and style to men who go their own way.  Cheers to you, Mr. Derk.



Mr.Derk embodies a story of over seventy-five years of passion for the textile and apparel industry. Originally formed in 1939 by the hands of Stephen Derk, a trained craftsman in the art of tailoring, and patriarch to the Derks family. Stephen was forced to make garments for German officers during WWII. Upon managing to flee from their grasps, he sought refuge in Italy for over a year. Stephen eventually worked his way to Edmonton, Canada to start a new life and continued to work in his trade for over 30 years. With a love for fine tailored goods and a philosophy of hard work and elegance, he embodied these virtues to heart as we do now.

At Mr.Derk, we are dedicated to bringing you the top menswear brands and friendly expert service, tailored to your individual needs. Our staff provides unrivalled style advice and customer care service including a dedicated personal shopping team and a buying team who searches the globe to curate the finest menswear brands and products. At Mr. Derk we sell over 50 national brands in store and online.


More than just a clothing store, we offer five core custom services to better suit our customers’ unique and individual needs: 



In honor of this man, Stephen Derk, we have renamed our menswear division from Derks Menswear to Mr.Derk, an ode to our roots from which we sprang and a gesture of thanks to our patriarch, the original Mr.Derk.

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