The transition to summer is almost here, and as the vaguely warm weather turns to a blast of rays, it’s important we alter our clothing to suit.   However, before you begin frantically buying new pieces, you’ll be pleased to know that there is no need to make any drastic changes to your wardrobe. In fact, while the materials and colour palettes you wear will certainly have to change, the style of clothing can often remain the same. To make things easier, we have selected three summer alternative looks showcasing how to mix things up, and how to up your summer suit game.


We’ve pulled three looks for three different men to show off how easy it can be to bring some depth to your new summer digs.


It’s summer, so it’s time to ditch your heavyweight tweeds, wools or cords for a lightweight style in fabrics such as linen, cotton blends or chambray. Not just breathable and light, they’re also highly versatile and will help introduce textured elements to your traditionally stripped-back warm-weather looks.


Tiger of Sweden has you covered, bringing in an array of lightweight versions of it’s blazers and slacks. Pictured here is their Nedvin blazer in a blend of cotton and linen, alongside a pair of stretch khakis. While the more casual materials will help you match up walking down the streets, their consistent cuts allows you to take them into the office. Don’t worry about whether it’s dressy enough, you’ll be looking so much more comfortable it’ll leave your colleagues the only ones having to sweat it out.


Next up is a more casual look from Tiger and Neuw Denim. While your first instinct this summer might be to dress down as much as possible, there’s still room to bring your summer casuals up to a next-level cool. Don’t worry about it being black – this lightweight summer blazer will let you keep the party alive from the hot summer days to the cool summer nights without missing a beat. Not only that, the cotton blazer lends itself to a more casual look, with it’s distressed edging and wrinkled texture, lending itself well to a more rock and roll look all summer long.

If it gets a bit hot, ditch the blazer and just rock the slim black jeans from Neuw with a basic striped Tee to keep it simple. These jeans are brilliant with any tee – their distressed black stone wash will match anything – but the stripes sure help. Don’t ditch the coat, though; you’ll want it come sunset.



This look is by far the most outgoing of the three, but don’t let that stop you. Probably the most notable is this ombre shirt from Van Gils, and while it may look very bright, it is incredibly versatile. If you button up your coat it’ll look like your standard blue chambray shirt, but when you let that jacket button slide you’ll show off a slick alternative to your standard sport shirt. We reccommend you ditch the tie and rock it untucked with some of Zanerobe’s famous Sureshot chinos for a casual summer look that will be as comfortable as it is stylish.


Don’t forget to layer on with another one of Tiger’s brilliant summer blazers – also, ditch the dress shoes. These leather slip-on sneakers from Tiger should get you through the summer without breaking a sweat, or breaking in another leather sole.

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