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SWIMS 2014  footwear line is the perfect choice for anyone looking to combine practicality and style. SWIMS is a Norwegian lifestyle brand offering a unique range of water-resistant, fast-drying footwear in durable rubber and mesh variants, perfect for the great outdoors, and available in a fantastic selection of colours and styles.


We’ve handpicked a selection of iconic sneakers and loafers, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

The Luca sneaker

A perfect fusion between their all-original sneaker and their iconic summer loafer. The entire TPU upper structure is molded directly onto sn anti-bacterial sandwich mesh. The characteristics of the mesh allows for removal of lining making the product ultra breathable, quick dry and very comfortable.

  • Natural rubber outsole
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Non-marking


Loafers were originally developed in Norway and SWIMS, hailing from the same country, specializes in durable rubber and mesh variants. Stylish and practical, they are perfect for holidays, driving, and on the go, since they are non-slip and fast drying.

Our Loafer Range

  • Anti-bacterial , breathable nylon-mesh vamp
  • Machine Washable!


  • Outer sole is molded with SWIMS natural, durable and flexible TPU, anti-slip rubber
  • Anti-bacterial, odor-resistant EVA insole with ventilating gills around shoe base
  • Non-marking, anti-slip sole – perfect for boats or yacht decks!
  • Water Compatible – built in drainage!


  • Anti-bacterial , breathable nylon-mesh vamp
  • Machine Washable!



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