You’ve got your outfit picked out and you head to the closet to find the perfect shoe to match. You pull them out and realize that they haven’t been polished in a long time and look it. What now?


The most common mistake most men make is using too much polish. This creates a layer of build up which has three very negative effects:

  •  – it covers the natural beauty of your shoe
  •  – it creates a ‘grainy’ texture in the creases of the shoes
  •  – the build up scuffs easily and attracts dust


To avoid the effects of too much polish use only the thinnest film of polish. A very small amount spread very thinly over the shoe is all you need to restore colour and shine to your shoes. You don’t need to polish often and a soft brush and cloth to remove scuffs in between polishing will restore that shine.


Lay down a bit of newspaper before you begin all of your shoe shines. You don’t want polish getting on your carpet or your furniture. Next, it’s time for a bit of prep work. Take a dry or damp cloth and remove all the dirt and dust from your shoes. Otherwise, you’ll just be grinding them into the leather. If you’ve used a damp cloth or any kind of leather cleaner prior to applying the polish, let them dry first. Don’t forget to remove the laces. Now, it’s time to apply the polish. Using a soft cloth, apply some polish to the shoe and begin to buff. When you begin to buff, do so in circular motions. Pay special attention to any marks, seams, stitching and the toe. Make sure it’s even and you’re done!

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