Shoes are one of the most important finishing touches on your outfit. It’s very important to make sure the look is the one you’re going for.

Keep your shoes clean. Remove scuffs, marks and excess dirt from your shoes. One-step treatment are available from a wider variety of manufacturers and there are advanced formulas designed specifically for leathers and suede. There are cleaning products with scrubbers designed for sneakers, which makes keeping your shoes looking great a lot easier.

A lot of men don’t consider polish but this practice is not just for the military. A paste is preferred but liquid polish is acceptable. It’s good for your shoes and good for your overall appearance.

Water and stains are the worst enemy to the life of your shoes. There are protectors you can apply to your shoes to help combat the effects of Mother Nature and other elements. Conditioning your shoes helps keep them soft and supple, so don’t miss this step.

Don’t use ‘neutral’ polishes on your shoes – it never matches properly! Avoid using spray shines or aerosol products as you can’t guarantee the coverage you get when apply product by hand. If your shoes do get wet, wipe the excess moisture off and let them air dry.

Using a shoe tree can dramatically extend the life of your shoes. A cedar shoe tree draws moisture out of your shoes which reawakens your shoe’s natural memory and prevents leather from wrinkling and cracking. Remember that shoes need a day off too! Try not to wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days. Rotate your shoes and they’ll last much longer.

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