Winter’s approaching, but there’s no need to be caught in the cold not looking fresh from head to toe. Your choice in winter footwear is key to stepping up your style this season. However, it doesn’t end with choosing a great pair of shoes or boots, you need to be mindful of their upkeep against the elements too!

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Eastland’s Kyle 1955 Plain Toe Boot


Just like changing your car’s winter tires, picking out a great pair of winter shoes or boots takes some consideration. You don’t want to walk into your Monday morning presentations with a pair of clunky winter boots dripping all over the conference room floor. Nor do you want to opt for the easy route of getting some cheap, ugly beaters you’re going to throw out at the end of the season. Those squeaky, wet shoes won’t earn you any points on the dance floor!

If your treks to work involve trudging through the odd patch of mounds of snow, boots are perfect for inclement weather for their height and ankle protection. Try out the Base London “Siege Boot”, a clean and simple pair with a heavy sole great for the transition from outside to in the office.

Any of Derks’ options of boots from Eastland (see above picture) are prime for those looking for a more casual, rugged look. They’ll provide all the protection you need, plus won’t make you look like you walked all the way from your cabin to get to the club.

Those looking for more ornate options, there’s no better option than your classic brogue, like the Lloyd Tampico or Loake’s Buckingham.


So, you’ve got you’ve got them laced up and you’re ready to head out. However, staying fresh doesn’t stop there. Care for your shoes in the wintertime is a bit more involved than your usual weekly polish that you can get away with in the warmer months. You’re going to have to find what works best for you and your specific needs, but here are some general tips to help you on your way.


While there is no way to assure your shoes are absolutely waterproof, there are many options for protecting your shoes from the elements and prolonging their lifespan. Find a good waterproofing compound as the base of winterizing your footwear. Wax based polishes will give your leather some shine and some mild protection against water and salt. You’re going to want to consistently reapply every few wears with wax polish, possibly with every wear if the weather is particularly wet. There are specialty waterproofing compounds for heavy protection, which will make upkeep less of a chore as they don’t need to be reapplied constantly. However, they don’t act as a polish, so once the protection has created its seal, you’ll need to use it in conjunction with a polish to give your leather some shine.

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Like walking through a mound of snow, you’re inevitably going to end up with some salt stains on your shoes this winter. Here’s a quick guide through treating your salty dogs. 
Firstly, once you’ve spotted a salt stain, immediately stuff your shoes with paper to retain their shape.

Next, grab some salt stain removal solution. You can buy a pre-made solution from any shoe repair shop, or simply make it at home with a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts water!

With a clean cloth, dab the solution on the outer parts of the stain and work your way towards the middle. Then with a dampened cloth dab the stain to remove any excess vinegar. Take a dry cloth and dab the stain to remove any excess water.

Leave your shoes for about a day, then condition and polish as you normally would.

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Galoshes are possibly the easiest (and one of our favourite) forms of waterproofing. Galoshes are overshoe you easily slip on top of your favourite shoes or boots that will ward off the dirt and salt, plus they’ll keep your feet warm and dry. SWIMS is one company with playful offerings of galoshes. SWIMS has built their reputation through their philosophy of “marrying true function with timeless classics”, as well as having playful design ideas matched with a high commitment to quality. Their design ideals are so whimsical, they’d make you want to jump into a puddle on your way to work.

SWIMS footwear edmonton

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