Always clean, polish, protect and condition your shoes.

Your shoes have rain stains, leather scuffs and look five years old when they’re only one. Want to keep your shoes looking new for more than a year? Follow these four practices.

Clean. Cleaning is the removal of scuffs, excess dirt or mud from your shoes. One-step treatments like Kiwi Clean offer advanced formulas for cleaning leathers. For scuffs on leather, Express Shine Wipes are the king of the jungle. Suede & Nubuck Cleaner is a more recent Kiwi shoe care development; young and old bucks alike are finding new life from using it.

Polish. Polishing is a misconstrued practice considered popular primarily among military personnel. However, it has been found that virtually all human beings can benefit from polishing; it’s a career requirement and a major olfactory sensory experience. And it’s good for your shoes, too. Remember not to over-polish – you’ll cover the natural beauty of the leather.

Protect. Water and stains have proven to be major enemies of most shoes. The Kiwi labs have developed products like Protect-All repellent, Camp Dry® Mink Oil and Wet Pruf protector products to help your shoes peacefully co-exist with nature and a lot of nasty man/woman-made elements.

Condition. Conditioning is a practice adapted from hair care. Keeps shoe fabric soft and supple just like those well-cared-for follicles on the most fashionable heads. Products such as Kiwi Leather Lotion are state-of-the-art.

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