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MR. DERK ~ 75 Years Strong


Our name, Mr. Derk, embodies a story of over seventy-five years of passion for the textile and apparel industry.

Our company was originally formed in 1939 by the hands of Stephen Derk — a trained craftsman in the art of tailoring, and patriarch of the Derks family. Stephen was forced to make garments for German officers during WWII, but upon fleeing their grasp, he found refuge in Italy. Stephen eventually worked his way to Edmonton Alberta, Canada to start a new life, and continued to work in his trade for over 30 years.

We named our menswear division “Mr. Derk” to both honour our roots and offer a gesture of thanks to our patriarch. His love for fine tailored goods, hard work, and elegance are virtues we embody to this day.



Born into the clothing industry, Sterling Derk has been surrounded by menswear and formalwear his whole life, getting to know constructions, fabrics, fits and classical tailoring from an early age. Keeping with Derks tradition, he started working for the family business at age 13. He’s worked his way through the trenches, starting as a shoe cleaner at Derks Formals and now managing operations at Derks Menswear.

As Sterling’s menswear knowledge continues to grow, so does his drive and commitment to provide quality clothing and current trends to men. Because our local market is often saturated with similar product, Sterling searches global marketplaces to find unique, quality clothing at a good price point. His refined taste and appreciation for quality and longevity allow Derks Menswear to provide the best products, service and advice to our customers.


Darrell worked with his father from the time he was 13. Even while he pursued other career paths, Darrell continued to work with Derks Formals. That made for a very busy young man.

Darrell received a degree in Business Administration from Okanagan College. He managed Shop International for Woodwards in Edmonton for two years. Darrell’s exceptional eye and love of photography led him to freelance as a photographer from the time he was 21. In 1981 he opened his own photography studio, which he kept alive until 1995.

Darrell purchased Derks Formals and Menswear from his father in 1989 and his vision has taken the company to new heights. He has expanded the operation to a total of three locations- two in Edmonton and one in Calgary. Darrell has also broadened the vision of what Derks, the organization, is and does. Derks has expanded its initial exclusive focus on wholesalers, serving over 100 wholesale accounts across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C. and the Northwest Territories. In its three storefront locations, Derks continues to build a reputation for carrying menswear and casual wear with styles that will satisfy both the fashion-forward and the conservative.

Away from the office, Darrell is known to be not just a music lover but an experienced audiophile. He still enjoys photography and his work can been seen in a variety of Derks publication and collateral materials. Darrell studies and collects art and also enjoys travelling with his family.

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