The shoes you put with your outfit say a lot about you. By taking care with your shoewear, you can ensure a fabulous look that will last for years.

Start with quality – genuine leather is one place you can’t go wrong. A proper fit is something a lot of men think they have but you’d be surprised at how many men wear shoes that don’t fit correctly. They need to have good arch support and not pinch your feet. With good fit and support the pressure and strain your feet undergo everyday is greatly reduced. Your stamina throughout the day is increased, and you decrease the chances of joint and back pain. All this from a well-fitting pair of shoes!

Don’t make the mistake of looking for the ‘disposable’ shoe. A lot of consumers buy shoes based on how fast the ones they currently have wear out. With proper care, your shoes can last you for a decade. Derks carries shoes from all over the world, including Italy and Sweden. By polishing your shoes and using a cedar shoe tree, you extend the life of your shoes by three to four times the norm!

The rule used to be to match your shoes to your belt, but this isn’t so anymore. Guys are no longer restricted to the ‘old’ rules of menswear. Slim silhouettes are in, and this includes your shoes. You don’t want a clunky shoe sitting at the bottom of your slim fit pants! Updated styling and quality in your shoes will keep you looking fashion forward.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your feet!

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