Tombolini suits became well known for their standard of excellence, innovation, quality, and function. The brand grew internationally, attracting clients from all over the globe, with stores worldwide carrying authentic Tombolini suits, including us at Mr. Derk.

Tombolini started out as an Italian garment brand created by Eugenio Tombolini. It launched in 1964 as a workroom and was eventually rebranded as URBIS following great growth and success. After many years, Tombolini’s daughter, Fiorella Tombolini, took over the company and it was eventually branded Tombolini in 1996.

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Tombolini emphasizes the quote, “The future has ancient roots”. This means you must realize the significance of history and how it is present in the creation of the future. Fiorella has explained that Tombolini’s mission is to find a “balance between tradition and future”. The brand achieves this by utilizing experienced Italian tailors, passed down knowledge, and the incorporation of modern trends.

Tombolini Blazer Menswear Mr. Derk

Mr. Derk Tombolini Outfit Details Menswear Edmonton

Blazer: Tombolini  /  Jeans: Tiger of Sweden


Much like its name, the Zero Gravity Blazer is so light it feels weightless. At a maximum of 400 grams, we’d say that’s as zero gravity as it gets for a blazer!

Italian Blazer Light Weight Tombolini Mr. Derk

Blazer: Tombolini

It’s made from very light, high quality wool, silk, and canvas attached with a new technique. This makes the blazer very comfortable; you may even forget you’re wearing it. To learn more about how this blazer is made, check out our previous post featuring Tombolini.


Recall our definition of “scye” in our previous Italian tailoring terminology post. The scye is the armhole. While this seems quite basic, the placement of the armscye will affect the range of motion within the jacket, as well as shape the wearer’s posture.

Tombolini blazers have the armscye slightly higher, resulting in improvement of bad posture. The higher scye allows the arm to be free to move at any angle, without making the blazer feel awkward or limiting.

Tombolini Blazer Jacket Men Mr. Derk

Purple Blazer Tombolini Light Weight Mr. Derk Menswear Italian

Blazer: Tombolini


Tombolini Suit Zero Gravity Blazer Mr. Derk


Mr. Derk carries the Lanificio Cerruti Zero Gravity Blazer in purpleblack, and grey (grey currently sold out online).

Each colour looks great worn for a variety of occasions, but each also serves a different purpose. The purple offers a bold, elegant, evening formal look, while the grey works better in the day during the spring and summer.

Blazer Mr. Derk Tombolini Menswear Italian Jacket

Blazer: Tombolini

The ROI on this giacca (“blazer”) is well worth it: head turns, endless compliments, effortless confidence, great-looking posture, it’s easily styled, and the list goes on…

Owning a Tombolini will take your wardrobe to the next level. It’s not just a blazer, it’s truly the “unicorn” of the blazer world.

Tombolini Blazer Light Weight Mr. Derk Menswear Italian

Blazer: Tombolini

Make sure to check out Derks Tombolini selection online and in store. With wedding season approaching, you may just need a new, light blazer that will still feel comfortable in the heat!

PUMP IT UP WITH MR. DERK: Starting May 19th, we will be offering free online shipping anywhere in North America and EuropeSome restrictions apply.


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