Spit shine” isn’t the prettiest turn of a phrase, but a spit shine, shoeshine is truly appealing and down right pretty, in a manly sort of way of course. Every man wants a spit shine shoe, which is defined as a high gloss that is secured through, well, saliva/spit. It takes a real man to spit on a boot to make it shine.

The first step to a successful spit shine is to have the want to. Once this has been established, it’s really not all that difficult. Any well-hydrated individual, with a few choice tools can shine shoes.


– Brush

– Shoe polish in desired color

– A cloth for polishing and applying spit?

– Toothbrush

  1. Use the brush to clean shoes. Dirty shoes will result in wasted spit and a poor polish. After brushing dirt from the shoes, clean them more thoroughly with a damp cloth. Next dab polish about the shoe and begin the brushing process. Brush, brush and brush some more. This is the base coat that should take about 10 steps. Polish, dry brush, and repeat times 10.
  2. The toothbrush will come in handy for reaching those hard to reach places on your shoes, the crack between the sole and tops for instance. Dip the cloth in polish and go to town.
  3. Next take the same cloth wrap it tightly about your index and middle fingers and pick up a bit of polish, dampen with water and apply the polish to get a glassy coat on the shoes. By the way, this isn’t the “spit” part of the spit shine. You’re not getting off that easy, but we did deceive you a bit.
  4. Working in continuous circular motions, your shoe will begin to feel dry to the touch. At this point breathe on the shoe and rub gently over that area. This creates moisture and is actually the spit portion of the shoeshine. No real spit required, just gentle breaths, breathed on the nearly dry polish, resulting in a mirror like shine. Spit shine.


If the spit shine doesn’t work for your shoes, maybe it’s time for a new pair. Visit us at Derks. We’ll fix you right up.



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