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If you’ve been searching high & low for that boss shirt that has all its aspects on point, this might just speak right to your heart. And by heart I mean that palpable desire to look manly, slick, & classy. This exclusive new brand will give you quality, style, & confidence.
Welcome to Emanuel Berg


Emanuel Berg is a family run Superfine Shirting company, giving it uniqueness amongst the fashion industry. Owners-Jaroslaw and Petra Berg-Szychulda personally select the shirt fabrics & prepare the collections. Inspired by the true fascination of journeys to places worldwide with traditional attitudes to luxury.


The brand was established in 1989, opening its first store in Germany in 1995, now they have over 100 stores all around the world, including Paris & Tokyo. The brand is an example of modern style & elegance. The company has become a symbol of exclusivity in hand made European shirts of the finest Italian fabrics, providing the best quality for an elite clientele.




The shirts are a combination of style, quality, and precision. The finest fabrics, perfect cut, & elaborate attention to detail by their experienced tailors are what makes Emanuel Berg’s shirts sought after, around the world.


“The Perfect Shirt Anatomy”

The perfect fit, sharply tailored shirts are hand made in Europe by 80 of the most skilled & experienced craftsmen. Berg offers over 80 different collar shapes & styles and more than 30 cuff styles in the collection. The cuffs are cut by hand, according to your measurements ensuring an ideal sit around your wrist. As for buttons, Berg uses luxurious Australian Mother of Pearl buttons, wrapped onto the shirt by hand.


Some notable details of Emanuel Berg Superfine Shirts:

– All of the shirts are hand cut, hand sewn, hand inspected, hand pressed, and hand folded, in Europe

– Elegant pearl stitching using the finest yarn

– Perfect standing collar due to the special canvas used inside it

– Luxurious Australian Mother of Pearl buttons wrapped by hand

– Sleeves set with a single needle seam

– Gussets, which provide support to the side seams & display the Emanuel Berg crest

– 100% fine cotton


Emanuel Berg offers a wide selection of cuffs, collars, pleats, & details ensuring a perfect fit. Also providing the option of personal monograms, a timeless & elegant way to individualize your shirt. Vast variations including business shirts, casual shirts, tuxedo shirts, & ‘The Best White Shirt’, are the proud creations of Emanuel Berg.



Basically, Berg promises you quality, luxury, & prestige. For the gentleman who values these qualities, Emanuel Berg is for you. Derks is now exclusively carrying Emanuel Berg, and it’s ready & waiting for you. Make sure you come check it out!


For more information about Emanuel Berg, visit their website!

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