A black leather jacket and brown leather shoes … can those two items ever be paired together in perfect harmony?

Here at Mr. Derk we encourage men to forge their own paths when it comes to fashion. After doing some research, we’ve noticed that this often questioned combination is, in fact, totally acceptable:

A black leather jacket is timeless, classic and can be incredibly versatile. So, why can’t it be paired with brown leather shoes?

As a rule of thumb, you can wear brown footwear with a black leather jacket as long as your soles are predominately black and you match them with something classic like a brown leather belt, which can help to tie your entire outfit together. Watch below to get a closer look at the handcrafted belts we carry in our store:

Like any other outfit, marrying two pieces together is an art that takes a keen eye. Sporting a black leather jacket with brown leather shoes can actually be very stylish when work properly…well, assuming that’s not all you’re wearing of course.

Brown Leather Shoes Mr. Derks

Brown Leather Shoes Mr. Derks Menswear

Shoes: Lloyd

But you’re partly right — if not paired properly, brown leather shoes with a black leather jacket can look, for lack of a better word, tacky.

I wear a pair of brown Kenneth Cole ankle boots with my black motorcycle leather jacket regularly because the chunky black rubber soles match my black jacket perfectly. It’s all about colour coordination. 

Black Leather Jacket Shoes Mr. Derks

Even stars like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and David Beckham have been spotted sporting this controversial look.

 Black Leather Jacket Brown Leather Footwear Mr. Derks

I also suggest you wear something else that features brown; it can be your top, your pants, or even a trendy accessory like a brown leather watch.

It’s a fact of life and a rule of fashion that black matches everything, and you can’t go wrong with sticking to your guns and buying a pair of “safe” black shoes.

Brown Leather Shoes Fashion Mr. Derks

Shoes: Lloyd

But, a brown shoe can be just as stylish, and it can actually have the effect of making you stand out since many men shy away from this colour of footwear.

Lloyd Shoes Brown Leather Mr Derks

Brown Leather Footwear Style Lloyds Mr Derks

Shoes: Lloyd

Step outside your comfort zone next time you’re putting together an outfit. Mr. Derk has you covered with only the highest-quality options when it comes to your next pair of brown leather shoes.

Shop the latest fashion at the Mr. Derk online store today.

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