Fall is here. And while the rest of the world complains, we men of culture are elated that it’s time again to bust out our most stylish kits – and be comfortable in them. Gone are the 30 degree days where looking professional means you have to work from a tent in front of your open office fridge door. Gone are the days where your walk to work ends with your back being added to a Canadian National Wetlands protected habitat. Grow the beard thick and luxuriant, light your fire place, pour a healthy cup of your finest single malt and drink deep.

Autumn Palette. Fall is a good time to tone down ultra bright colours and instead go with muted colours like deep blues, shades of brown, tans, charcoal, mustard, burgundy or deep greens. Wearing colours that resemble the falling of the leaves will show your attention to detail and keep you looking season-appropriate. Below we’ve showcased some looks to keep you looking ahead of the curve for fall.

Autumn may be the season for muted colours, but you will, however, appear perfectly natural by peppering your look with a few colourful spots. Look close at the navy Van Gils jacket below and you’ll notice it’s mottled with a light orange check – and to top it off, that electric crimson Van Gils tie – rock it with confidence and you will own this look.


Textures are the less obvious method to becoming a Commander General in fall fashion. The Van Gils duffle bag below is the accessory that has exactly what you need to complete the presentation; felt and leather; warmth and burl.

If you have to, fill the bag with “the whites” to make it look like there’s something important inside – it’s what actors call stage business; there’s no replicating the air of coolness when walking into a pub with the frost at your heals and wearing, no, owning a complete look like the Van Gils set-up above.



Bring out your wool. With summer behind us, now is the time to bring out the wool. As we’ve mentioned many times before, wool is amazing for many reasons. Tiger of Sweden’s Ollie slim fit suit in Zinfandel is 90% wool, but also has 10% cashmere, giving it a soft touch that will keep you from getting itchy. With unconstructed shoulders, slightly wider peak lapels, welt flap pockets, two-button closure and double-back vents, the Ollie suit features all the classic characteristics of Tiger if Sweden’s infamous suits.  The suit comes with Kieran trousers featuring low rise, slim leg and a slim fit.


Stay relevant this season with an Autumn-palette tie.


Cardigans. Thick, winter cardigans often pose a dilemma: they’re a perfect garment to use for fall outerwear, but once you’re indoors, you can quickly get too hot and you’re forced to delayer. Such isn’t the case with Benson’s knitwear this season.


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