“Be slick. Be glib. Be you.” -Roger Sterling

Some solid advice from our favourite character, reminding us to be smooth, efficient, and impressive. A true polished gentleman has likely been expose to the beauty of the 3-piece suit, but I’d like to give a little refresh & point out some innovative tips.

A well tailored 3-piece suit is a standard must-have for all men. The combination of a pant, vest, and jacket is timeless elegance.

John Slattery is Roger Sterling in MAD MEN - Season 5 | ©2012 A

Roger lookin’ fly in his 3-piecer.

This classic look was produced thousands of years ago and is a continuous necessity for men. Originating in the early 1800’s by King Charles II, the suit has gone through many adaptations, lengths, and widths, but has never failed to be considered a necessity in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Your 3-piece may seem extremely formal and only needed in such situations, but some of you aren’t aware of the versatility the 3 pieces can provide.

I’d like to point out just 3 of many basic ways to utilize all 3 pieces of your suit.

1. Classic, formal business or wedding attire

Pants, vest, & jacket

To master a classic, formal look for occasions that call for such, deck yourself out in the full 3-piece ensemble; pants, vest, & jacket. Wear your tailored black suit with a fitted white dress shirt, and you’ll nail the look for fancy occasions.

3 piece suit 3

Slim fit status.

When you stand, if we’re speaking true formality, button up. On the other hand, a three-piece suit with the vest buttoned and the jacket open can exude a nonchalance that looks pretty boss.

Feel free to ditch the jacket at dinner to cool down and avoid sleeve stains. The slimming look of the vest on its own will still convey that classy, formal look.

3 piece ryan

Lose the jacket? Great idea.

This 3 piece combo is timeless, and will never fail to leave you feeling confident & classic.

2. Semi-Formal, date night

Dark jeans, dress shirt, & vest

For a more casual occasion that still requires dressing for impressing, switch it up a bit by substituting your dress pants for a dark tailored jean. By wearing the vest on its own over your dress shirt, you’re still rocking a semi-formal, stylish ensemble that gives off a vibe that is sure to impress.

vest 2

So chill, so thrill.

This look utilizes 1 piece of your 3, and will emit a trendy, casual vibe. Try Tellason raw denim for a clean look, with your dress shirt, vest, and a brown leather shoe


3. Casual Saturday night

Pants & Shirt

Even a casual Saturday night out with friends can utilize your 3-piece, this time, try the dress pants with a light coloured or printed collared shirt, maybe even a couple sleeve rolls to keep you cool. You could also pair this with a lighter coloured shoe, to further decrease the formal look, especially in the summer.

This look provides comfort and ease, but the dress pants increase your style points, and avoid a sloppy look. The casual ensemble is an easy, comfortable wear, but you’ll still look classy and put together.

dress pant 1

Too cool for school.


dress pant 3

Go plaid, or go home

Try a Blue Industry light look with a brown leather Derby Shoe, to go with your 3-piece dress pants.

If you didn’t know before, now you do. A 3-piece suit is more than just a single ensemble, and serves in multiple fashion opportunities. Each of the 3 looks can be spiced up by wearing different coloured shirts, ties, bow ties, belts, watches, and other accessories.

Happy suiting!

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