Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.”- Ray Romano

Safe to say you owe him one.  

He bathed you, he fed you, he taught you how to catch, & still loved you when you broke the window…..It’s that time of year again, time to show your one & only Daddio your genuine appreciation for all of the things he does for you.

And what better way to show love than through gifts? 

Unfortunately, Dads can be a struggle to buy for because they don’t like jewelry or flowers. We may default to power tools or Home Depot gift cards, which are generally pretty well received, but they don’t exactly say “I love you” as well as they could. This year Dad deserves something more personal while also boosting his style points – which can also reflect positively on you & the family.

Some important things to remember…

  • – Even though a lot of men don’t experience vast personality changes between the ages of 25 and 45, they are still older, and this means they dress that way. If you aren’t sure where to begin or find it difficult to find your dad clothing, start with accessories. Watches, wallets, belts and bags are all functional items he can actually use and wear again and again – and you don’t need to worry about fits or sizes.
  • – Because Father’s Day is at the end of June, it is more fun to get him something Summer focussed, so he can enjoy the benefits of it asap (save the wool sweaters for Christmas).

Luckily, Derks has got you covered on both accounts. Since we adore & admire our Fathers so much, we would supply nothing but the highest quality, luxurious products for him.

Here are some ideas..

1. Lapel Pin

The power of details. The lapel pin is a simple addition to your outfit, that gives off the “I put a lot of thought & care into this outfit” vibe. Dad might not always be on top of this, but this pin is an easy accessory for him and it’ll take him to another level.

Lapel Pin

2. Drake’s Motif Tie

Men have a significantly smaller scale of options than women when it comes to dressing up, and ties are one of our most valued accessories. A tie communicates personality, making it a personal gift. Pick out the tie most suited for your Dad.

Ex. Does he always talk about his Palm Springs golfing trip? Get him a palm tree tie to go with the story.

3. Beard Balm or Pomade

If your Dad is still rocking the facial hair, this beard bomb is a great gift. And if he has still managed to preserve some of that hair on his head, ManDay Pomade is where it’s at. Just a luxurious little something to keep him groomed & happy.

4. Tiger of Sweden Case

A handsome, reliable briefcase. Any Dad would love this sleek masculine, multi-purpose bag, also appreciating the highest quality & street cred it provides.

5. 18 Waits Button Downs

These shirts are particularly loved because of their versatility. They can easily be dressed up or down making them ideal for multiple occasions. The colours & patterns speak for themselves and can easily hold their own at a BBQ or under a blazer.

6. Schott NYC Leather Jacket 

This high quality, American brand will give your Dad the style & quality he deserves. Carefully produced, this sturdy jacket will get your Dad through lots of good times. It will make him look rugged, manly, and clean.

7. Loake Loafers 

This classic loafer is perfect for giving your Dad comfort and style on those hot summer days. These Hand-Crafted loafers are a casual way to add some Whimsy to a Summer outfit.

Now that you’ve had a good brainstorming session you should feel more confident in choosing a great gift, worthy of your Dad’s awesomeness.

Remember, you only have one Dad. Treat him right.

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